It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post! First, we saw baby when we went to the doctor last week! It was the cutest little thing! Heartbeat was 166 bpm and it even wiggled its little legs while doing the ultrasound! Can’t wait til February to meet him or her! Second, the reason I haven’t written in a while-first trimester sickness. Every thing you hear about overwhelming nausea and exhaustion, is true! Only 2 weeks left until I’m in the clear-hopefully! 


The end of a long week

What a week this has been! I have been so extremely busy with working on assignments for grad school and DIY projects that I want to get done before school starts back up. On top of that I have been extremely nauseated! So ready for the first trimester to be over! Looking forward to tomorrow. First ultrasound! Gonna get to see the baby and heartbeat!

Is it August yet?!

Last week was awesome! I spent the week relaxing and catching up on my tv shows. On Friday, my husband and I spent the day at the family camp. We had a blast. The whole family was there celebrating the freedom of this great country. We grilled hamburgers and had watermelon, can’t get any more American that that! The weekend consisted of tidying up and reading books. I am loving my summer break, but I am definitely ready to go back to school to see my new kiddos! Is it August yet?!

Sweet Summer Time

Almost forgot to post this week! Been super busy doing last minute edits to my school’s yearbook. I finished up summer remediation this past week, so my summer has officially started! Can’t wait to lay by the pool and relax in the sun. Hope to read some good books too!

First Post!

Well, here it is! My first post! I am excited to be blogging for the first time. I’ve always wanted to do it, but never had the time. Hopefully being required to do it for class will get me in the routine of posting. Many of you may be wondering about my title. Well, my husband and I recently found out baby #1 is on the way! We are so excited to start this journey!